Future-looking technology

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This NASA-inspired technology is now available in your home.

It has worked in the space, it will work for you.

It can be the space station, an operating room, or your bedroom.

belite technology

belite devices use world-class, NASA- inspired technology to clean and disinfect indoor air. Our air purifiers do not have filters because they can only remove certain particles of a particle size from the air. Belite products do not actually filter, but clean and disinfect the air.

UVC + photocatalyst technology, regardless of size, easily destroys all

  • bacteria

  • virus

  • mold

  • PM2.5 (harmful particulate matter less than 2.5 microns)

  • smoke

  • pollen

  • volatile organic compound (VOC gases)

The built-in fans pass the room air through the titanium dioxide-coated photocatalyst of the device, which is activated by UVC light and generates ions that destroy 99% of the harmful substances in the air during an oxidation process.

Unlike other ozone generator technologies on the market, the air purification process of belite products does not generate any harmful compounds or ozone. You can operate the devices even when you are in the room. The technology used by belite ensures a perfectly safe, chemical-free disinfection and deodorization in your home as well.


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