belite ideal


belite ideal is ideal for UVC-disinfection and air purification of a room with a floor area of 15-20 m².

The belite ideal is an innovative air purifier without a physical filter. Using UVC-technology, also used by NASA, it removes viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria and mold from indoor air in your home.

This is the perfect air purifying solution for people with pollen allergies and asthma. It's also great for those who care about their health and want clean air in their home.

The belite ideal is an ideal solution for disinfecting the entire apartment, as its small size and mobile design make it easy to move into any room of your home. It cleans the air in a 15-20 m² room within 1-2 hours.

Use in the afternoon in the room where the children are playing. When you cook, turn it on in the kitchen and use it to reduce odors during cooking. If guests come, take it to the living room and everyone will be safe from bacteria and viruses. At night, use it to clean the air in your bedroom for a more peaceful sleep.