belite fresh air


Belite fresh air is excellent for disinfection and air purification of rooms with a floor area of 20 m².

Belite fresh air is an air cleaning and disinfection device without a physical filter. It uses UV light and a photocatalyst to remove various pathogens, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), molds, formaldehyde compounds and smoke from the air in your home, which it converts into water and carbon dioxide in an oxidation process.

This is the perfect air purification solution for newborns, infants, pregnant women, the elderly, those with pollen allergies and asthma, or anyone who is worried about their health and wants clean air in their home.

Belite fresh air is an ideal solution for disinfecting the entire apartment, because thanks to its small size and mobile design, you can easily transfer it to any room in your home. It cleans and disinfects the air in a 15 m² room in 2 hours.

Use in the afternoon in the room where the children play. When you cook, turn it on in the kitchen and use it to reduce odors during cooking. If guests come, take it to the living room and everyone will be safe from bacteria and viruses. And at night, use it to clean the air in your bedroom for a more peaceful sleep. But you can also use it in your car or take it with you to your office.

It neutralizes unpleasant odors, so it is great for use in a bathroom or a room where there is a pet bed or cat litter.

It also effectively cleans the air from tobacco smoke, so you can use it in rooms where they smoke.

  • quiet: normal mode <35dB, sleep mode <20dB
  • effective: 24 m³ / hour
  • mobile and small: 77 x 77 x 98 mm
  • safe: does not produce ozone
  • environmentally friendly: no need to change the filter